from One Direction: The Official Annual 2015

[scowls] [scratches self] [flips fringe] +

“describe your dream day off?
harry: sleeping in, sunday roast with pals.
louis: oh, i’d just chill out at home, have a lie-in, some good home-cooked food - probably a sunday roast - and watch a bit of footie on the telly.” — i’m going to punch myself +/+ (via leedshappened)


Louis — white pencil drawing

I wanna title this one “Angel” (◡‿◡✿)

Just do it! do it! do it! | 08/08/14


Louis saying this is my town like yeah this is also ur world coz we’re all so whipped for you go wild louis

» WWA Concert Report St. Louis


Oh. My. Goddddd.

Ok this is what happened to us. I’m just going to write this in a disorganized manner because my brain is Harry Styles pre-masticated banana mush.

The very first thing I need to say is that Addy (gloriaandrews) and I, *as adult /fans/*, felt a bit self…

Zayn and Niall with a fan yesterday.